Seattle Pride Events to Go Virtual, Again

As Pandemic Continues, Seattle Pride Plans for Big Online Celebration

SEATTLE (Jan. 27, 2021) – As the COVID-19 pandemic response continues to restrict large public gatherings, Seattle Pride – the organizer of Seattle Pride in the Park and Seattle Pride Parade – will shift its annual LGBTQIA+ celebratory events to a virtual weekend (June 26 & 27, 2021) of speakers, performances and more.

“With the pandemic still spreading at a rapid pace, we could not in good conscience move forward with plans for our June events which bring thousands of people together in close proximity,” said Seattle Pride Executive Director Krystal Marx. “Our efforts now shift to building on the success of last year’s virtual Pride, so we can continue to bring our community together to celebrate diversity.”

Details of Seattle Pride’s plans for June are in development, but are expected to be announced within a couple months. In the meantime, per tradition, Seattle Pride is once again calling on the public to submit suggestions for this year’s Pride event theme. To submit a theme idea, visit the submission form at

“We are grateful for the proactive, responsible actions of Seattle Pride in putting the community’s health as their top priority given the ongoing spread of COVID-19,” said Chris Swenson, City of Seattle Special Event Committee Chair. “Under Governor Inslee’s “Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery” plan, we have no assurances on when the Special Events Committee can once again be able to consider major parades or festivals, or guidelines on how event organizers will be able to effectively manage crowd sizes according to evolving public health guidelines.”

Despite the lingering pandemic-related challenges, Seattle Pride and other LGBTQIA+ groups – including PrideFest (organizers of PrideFest at Seattle Center) and Gender Justice League (organizers of TransPride) look forward to the possibility of hosting smaller-scale, in-person events incorporating public health protocols as soon as possible, as the organizations closely monitor guideline updates and confer with local health officials in making that determination later this year.

“We’ve loved the opportunities for partnership and community that came with virtual Pride celebrations, but if it’s safe to do so, PrideFest is committed to doing in-person events in 2021. The power of solidarity and the energy of coming together as a community is more important than ever as we look forward to recovering from the pandemic.”

"Gender Justice League remains committed to celebrating the lives and accomplishments of our transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse communities through thoughtful events online and, when it is safe to do so, in person," added Gender Justice League Co-Executive Director Elayne Wylie.

No matter the size or scale of any in-person events later in the year, Seattle Pride is optimistic about the return of its Seattle Pride in the Park and Seattle Pride Parade events next year, as it moves forward with planning this year’s virtual Pride celebration.

Given last year’s hugely successful virtual Pride weekend which averaged more than 3,300 online participants each day, Seattle Pride is excited about the possibilities for this year, grateful for its promotional collaboration with PrideFest and Gender Justice League, and thankful for the hundreds of event sponsors, community partners, vendors and event participants for the continued support as plans shift once again for a different kind of Pride celebration.

Seattle Pride’s events are made possible with generous support from presenting partners Alaska Airlines, Facebook and T-Mobile, and from Seattle Pride’s Official TV Partner, KIRO 7, as well as many other community partners.

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Randy Hurlow

Why For Good on behalf of Seattle Virtual Pride